Welcome to Mission Chapter Toastmasters: You are cordially invited.

July 7, 2018

If you live in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area and are looking for a Toastmaster club to join or just check out, we’d like to welcome you as our guest (no need to RSVP, just show up). Mission Chapter Toastmasters has been helping individuals  become better communicators and leaders since 1979. The club is open to the community.

Improve your public speaking skills, become a better presenter, or work on your leadership skills with Toastmasters.  Affordable, effective, proven.

Semi-annual dues are modest – less than the cost of a small cup of coffee every week.  For more information on Toastmasters see our about page.

Where: Salvation Army 4849 Hollister Avenue. in Goleta.

When: Every Tuesday evening from 5:50PM to 7:20PM (best to arrive a few minutes early).

Questions? Please call us at 805-682-6943. Leave a message, we’ll call you back. Or email Grace Rachow  grace.rachow@gmail.com


Your invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters November 6, 2018

November 12, 2018

The theme of Mission Chapter Toastmasters 1973rd Meeting The Theme is”Darkenss”.

Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest, no need to RSVP, just show up.
Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time.



Toast Master: Wayne                                            

Speaking Tip:  Chris
Speaker 1: Jim
Speaker 2:  Jon
Speaker 3:  Grace
Table Topics:   Christine
General Evaluator:    Ron
Eval: 1 Al evaluating   Jim’s Speech
Eval 2:  Norma evaluating Jon’s Speech
Eval 3: Alyce evaluating Grace’s Speech
Word of the Day:  Christina
Ah Counter:  Al
Timer: Opened
Award Master
Rooney:  Jon

TM  11/13/2018 Meeting Notes

The Meeting stated on time.

Christina was the TM and assured all roles were filled.

Alyce gave a speaking tip: Addressing the question “Do We Need to Memorize a Speech?”
She indicated generally the answer NO. However, one should practice a speech so that its smooth and natural. A speech that is completely memorized can sound like it is being read.

Wayne gave a combination of small jokes about sayings from famous people such as President Bush. Each was funny and engaging.


EECFirstChris described her experience at a workshop she recently attended on Public Speaking. The workshop was planned for actors and actresses emphasizing how to manage stage presence. She identified the following tips which are helpful for anyone giving a speech:
1. How to Approach the Stage- Suggestion was to approach and leave the stage at angle.
This keeps the audience aware of your presence.
2. When on the stage always make eye contact with the audience. Avoid wondering because
will not take you seriously.
3. Manage stage movement.

She concluded by suggesting to repeat the key message and feel what you are saying. These and other speaking tips can be found in a book. “Steal the Show” by Michael Port

Al, the second speaker, gave a 5 to 7 speech ON “Interviewing”. The objective of his speech was to share his experience in interviewing interns and engineers. He outlined how he uses a question to engage the interviewees in a dialogue. For example; use used the questions of What Happens when the Refrigerator Door is Closed; Does the light go out?  The kind of questions help assess the interviewees ability. He concluded that this type of interview for young engineers and interns tell him a lot and he believe makes the interview fun.

Ron, the third speaker used a metaphor about how he changed commercially prepared dog food to illustrate the idea of “Why We Do the Same Things Over and Over Again?”  A story about how their dogs let him know when it’s time to feed them. His message was we should explore new ideas and implement to change old things we do.

Table Topics given by Mary Jo
She invited each person to speak about an Acronym she gave them. Since the Theme of the Meeting was Acronyms; it provided and interesting as well as educational presentation of Table Topics. She did a lot research to come up with some very thought-provoking acronyms for example: “TMB”. Meaning Too Many Birthdays.

Jon– Gave feedback to Chris on her Speech of “How to Give a Powerful Presence”. The speech was well organized giving actual demonstrations of things such as pacing, moving, etc.
Main feedback was to remember to use Pauses to allow processing of the information.

Grace gave feedback to Al. She like how he pulled the audience in with his questions. He is to commended for the enthusiasm and energy he put into his speech.  A suggestion was to invite someone from the audience to answer the question as though they were an interviewee.

Grace gave feedback to Ron and his presentation of how use an example of How not to do the same thing over and over again using the example of dog food.

Alyce introduced the reports: Word of the Day. Ah Counter, Timer.

Mary Jo gave the Rooney. How Computers are in so many things that bumbs her out.

Wayne game the awards

B Evaluators: Norma
B Speaker Chris
B TT: Jo

Your invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters November 6, 2018

November 3, 2018

The theme of Mission Chapter Toastmasters 1972  meeting is “ACRONYM”

Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest, no need to RSVP, just show up.
Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time.


Toast Masters Meeting November 6, 2018

Meeting Theme is ACRONYM:    Meaning: Abbreviation, Shortening, Condensation
Toast Master:  Christine
Table Topics: Mary Jo
Ah-Counter:  Norma
Word of the Day:   Norma
Award Master: Wayne
Speaker 1: Chris
Speaker 2: Al
Speaker 3: Ron
Evaluator 1: Jon
Evaluator 2: Grace
Evaluator 3: Taiwo

Toastmasters Meeting for October 30, 2018       The Theme of the Meeting was “Time”.

TM Grace introduced the meeting and assured all roles were filled.

Chris gave the word of the Day” Precious” Meaning Something of Great Value and not be wasted”.

Norma gave the speaking tip. She emphasized the importance of Using Your Voice when giving a speech. Suggestions given for using your voice during a speech were:
1. Ensure there is Variety in your voice.
2. The Voice should add meaning to the speech.
3. The Voice should enhance the speech.
4. Memorize the beginning and ending of a speech.

Al was the joke Master: He gave a very funny joke about a man who hears a voice as he sits in a bar. He cannot determine where the voice is coming from until he realizes it is coming from him.


Mary Jo’s speech was entitled “How to Keep Your Brain Power” The information presented was extensive research about to empower the brain so that it continuous to grow. Her research suggested that the brain is not fixed and there are things we can do to keep the brain sharp. These include:
1. Try new things, for example if you are right handed, try using your left sometimes.
2. She shared an experience where she went Yoga Land and new favors and eat with her left with her eyes closed.
3. She was able to validate this experience later; she felt that her mind was sharper.

Taiwo was the second speaker and his speech as entitled “Three Day Ends”. He started his speech by asking the question of “Are Three Day Weekends too Short?” He proposed a Four Day Weekend and gave some advantages of it. He added a lot of humor to the speech suggesting a 10 hour workday and have the extra day for other things.

Christine’s speech was “A Peek into the Future” The main focus of her speech was a discussion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can be used in the workplace. She sited things that could be done to facilitate the use of AI in the workplace.  The main focus of her speech was to describe the usefulness of AI even in everyday life. Three key attributes of AI are Innovation, Escalation and Preservation.

Table Topics were given by Ron. He presented questions related to the theme of TIME.

General Evaluator: Alyce
Wayne evaluated Mary Jo’s Speech
He stressed how well she used the voice, eye contact and pacing. He also related how well she summarized the speech.
Norma evaluated Tawio’s speech. Excellent presentation of how he made the speech humorous.

Al evaluated Christine’s speech. His feedback the educational and informative value of the topic. He indicated the excellent job she did in explaining a technical topic such as Artificial Intelligence. Her speech was a superb example of the Inverted Pyramid approach in a speech.

Ron gave the Roomy about time. Funny, Funny, Funny

Best Speaker: Mary Jo
Best Evaluated:  Al
Best TT:  Lana

The following two Guest were present




Your invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters October 30th, 2018 Meeting

October 26, 2018

The theme of Mission Chapter Toastmasters 1,971st meeting is “Halloween.”


Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest, no need to RSVP, just show up.
Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time.

October 30th Toastmasters Meeting

  • Joke Master Al
  • Toastmaster: Grace
  • Word-of-the Day: Chris
  • Ah-Counter: Jon

General Evaluator: Alyce

  • Speaking Tip: Norma

Speaker 1: Chris
Speaker 2: Taiwo
Speaker 3:  Christina
Mary Jo, Norma and AL

Table Topics:  Ron
Rooney: Ron
Award Master: Jon

MEETING MINUTES From the October 22nd 2018 Meeting

The meeting was called by the TM Ron.    Meeting Theme was Halloween

He verified that all duties were filled. The word of the day: Trick, Treat, Orange, black, purple was given by Grace.

Speaking Tip
Mary Jo gave the speaking Tip. The tip was “Come early when you are a speaker”. During so will allow extra time to set-up and get settled.

Norma gave the Joke. It was a funny joke about three old ladies that went on a road trip.

Jon gave the first speech titled “An Introduction to Stand Trial.” He described what is done to help those in prison who are unable to Stand Trial. He described what is done to help them do so. The speech was informative and through.

Al was the second speaker who posed the question: “What is the Most Stupidest Thing You Have Done”?
He described his own experience choosing to swim with friends in an Aqueduct after a heavy rain. He described how he almost drowned. He was able to recover by staying calm. His message, “Don’t Do Stupid Things”.

Grace was the third speech. The focus of the speech was about Mentoring.  She described how she got started Mentoring by attending a TM meeting at UCSB. This experience resulted in the students starting a Toastmasters Club on campus.  She described how she helped students at UCSB started a club

She also encouraged TM members to find a club and serve as a Mentor. She announced that Norma agreed to Mentor the Figures of Speech Club. There are great benefits for during so.

Table Topics was given by Taiwo. All speeches addressed the theme “Halloween”.

Christina introduced the evaluators
Alyce evaluated Jon’s speech. The speech was positive and gave information of how the prison system help those who are unable to Stand Trial.

Mary Jo gave feedback for Al about stupid things. She indicated that he gave realism to the speech and presented it as if it was taking place in the moment.

Christ evaluated Grace’s speech. She described how Grace gave how important about mentoring. Her suggestion provided a Call to Action to TM members to consider becoming a Mentor for a club.

The Timer, Ah Counter and Word of the Day gave reports of those violating good speaking habits.

Chris gave the Rooney about a recent Airlines experience. It was about the confusion about checking in especially using the automated machines.  She also described the difficult of putting  Carry On luggage in the overhead binds.

Best Table Topics:  Mary Jo
Best Evaluator: Alyce
Best Speaker: Jon









Your invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters October 23, 2018 Meeting

October 17, 2018

The theme of Mission Chapter Toastmasters 1,971st meeting is “Halloween.”

Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest, no need to RSVP, just show up.
Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time.

Toastmaster: Ron
Jokemaster: Norma
Speaking Tip: Mary Jo
Speakers: Jon, Larry, Al
Table Topics: Taiwo
General Evaluator: Christine
Evaluators:  Grace, Mary Jo, Chris
Word of the Day: Grace
Ah-counter: Open
Timer: Wayne
Award master: Taiwo
Rooney: Chris

October 16, 2018, Meeting Notes

The theme of the meeting was “Challenges!” Al was the presiding officer. There were 11 people at the meeting including guest Johnson.

Our Toastmaster was Cindy.

Grace’s speech, “Thoughts While Painting a Table” peeled back the layers of paint on an old table and prompted some old, somewhat forgotten, memories. The story of sanding layers to expose old paint reminded Grace of a family relationship from decades ago that had fractured, and was never repaired. Repainting the table was an excellent allegory for rethinking interpersonal issues with others. Take a fresh look, clean things up, and make them beautiful again.

In her speech, “The Secret to Getting Exercise,” Mary Jo reminded the club about a fundamental rule that is critical to succeed in many efforts besides exercise. Find what you enjoy, and do that! For Mary Jo, walking and dancing were infinitely more fun than being bored to death swimming laps in a concrete fishbowl or doing yoga.

“She Defies Tradition,” was an apt title for Norma’s speech about her musically inclined grandmother who had the audacity to defy cultural norms of the late 1800s and decide that the tuba was her instrument of choice – a true renegade! Grandma found, and followed, her passion, and had some amazing experiences. Her message to Norma was to not be afraid of opening a new “door”. If it works great, if not, then you go back and try another door – excellent advice!


Table Topics went to Grace for her story about standing up to teachers that tried to force feed her stewed tomatoes! (ick!!)

Al took the award for Best Evaluator for his evaluation of Grace’s speech

Mary Jo’s speech about motivation to exercise won the Best Speaker award.

Your invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters October 16, 2018 Meeting

October 14, 2018

The theme of Mission Chapter Toastmasters 1,970th meeting is: Challenges!

Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest, no need to RSVP, just show up.
Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time.

Toastmaster: Cindy
Jokemaster: Open
Speaking Tip: Grace
Speakers: Norma, Mary Jo, Grace
Table Topics: Wayne
General Evaluator: Al
Evaluators:  Jon, Ron, Taiwo
Word of the Day: Chris
Ah-counter: Jon
Timer: Chris
Award master: Wayne
Rooney: Christine

October 9, 2018, Meeting Notes

The theme of the meeting was “Fall Fun!.” Jon was the presiding officer. There were 6 people at the meeting.

Our Toastmaster was Jon.

Jon gave an impromptu informative speech about the benefits of using MeetUps to attract new members, and provided club members with information about how to join and RSVP for meetings.

Taiwo’s speech, “Civility in Politics” gave us all some food for thought, noting that cultural sensitivity in the U.S. about not discussing religion or politics has led to our inability to have thoughtful, respectful discussions on these topics. He highlighted the need to think before accepting or rejecting ideas, and to make sure you have the facts on a topic, don’t believe everything you see on social media.

Ron gave the club some practical information about how to change an inner tube. Ron urged us not to panic if you get a flat, and demonstrated exactly how easy it is to change a bike tire.

Best speaker: Taiwo
Best table topics: Taiwo 

Your invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters October 9, 2018 meeting

October 5, 2018


images (1)

Meeting Agenda

Toastmaster:  Jon
Word-of-The-Day: Grace
Timer: Taiwo
Speaking Tip: Open
Speaker 1 Al
Speaker 2, Taiwo
Speaker 3 Ron.
General Evaluator: Cindy
Evaluator 1: Christine
Evaluator 2: Jen
Evaluator 3: Grace
Table Topics: Mary Jo
Rooney: Open
Award Master: Norma
Ah-Counter: Norma
Meeting Minutes From the October 9th Meeting 
The meeting was called to order by the President, Jon who introduced Grace the Toastmaster for the meeting.

Grace briefly discussed the Theme “A Funny thing Happened”

She spent time making sure all roles were filled.

The Word of the Day was given by Larry which was “Asseverate”, meaning to affirm or declare positively or earnestly.
Carol, Area Director, attending the meeting gave the speaking tip “How to deal with Anxiety”. The message was suggestions on how to stay calm when giving a speech.

The joke was given by May Joe. It was funny joke about a “Train and the Conductor”.

Norma brought M&Ms chocolates; enjoyed by all.

The first speaker was Larry. His speech was entitled “Use It or Lose It”

He engaged the audience by asking questions as how to use and lose things.
He challenged everyone to use what we have, so not to lose it. His speech was supported by interesting pictures of things to “Use so not to lose them”.

Second Speaker was Mary Jo.  The title of her speech was “The Mind Bogging World of Technology”
She shared stories about Mind Bogging events.
The first story was about “Learning about Computers”. She told of an experience of her father on having his mind bogged when his four-year old grandson showed him how to print a document on the computer. The second story was how her son directed her on catching the bus using technology.

The third Speaker was Norma:  “Snooty Lady, Back at You” was about a Wedding Reception that took place in her backyard. It was a funny little story about how friends made it a wonderful affair.

TABLE TOPICS given by Ron
He gave table topics based on the theme “Funny Things Happened”.
All Table Topics addressed a funny scenario.

Alyce, the General Evaluator introduced the evaluators for each speaker.
Carol gave feedback to Larry for his speech about Use It or Lose. Overall it was a positive speech and well presented.

Taiwo gave feedback to Mary Joe for her presentation of Mind Bogging Technology. She was to be commented on how well she tells stories. Each story was not only funny but interesting.

Jon evaluated Norm’s speech. It was an impromptu speech but well-presented of a personal experience.
Excellent speaking skills.

Best Table Topics: Caro
Best Speaker: Mary Jo
Best Evaluator: Jon


Your invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters October 2nd 2018 meeting

September 26, 2018




Toastmaster: Grace
Jokemaster:  Cindy
Speaking Tip: Open
Speakers:      Speaker 1 Al, Speaker 2 Larry, Speaker 3 Mary Joe
Table Topics Ron
General Evaluator: Alyce
Evaluators: Jen -1, Taiwo-2, Jon -3
Timer: Jon
Word of the Day: Larry Rooney: Norma
Award Master: Cindy

Ah-Counter: Norma

Mission Toastmaster Meeting September 25, 2018 Minutes

The meeting theme was Legacy

The Meeting was called to order by the President Jon who introduced the Toastmaster, Larry.

Grace gave the word of the day which was “dash”, which represents the time between birth and death.

Larry explained the theme “Legacy” It means to Wave the Hat and to let people know what they think of you.

Ron’s speaking tip was to “Remember the Message Given”.

Wayne gave a joke about a man who wanted to become a Monk. It was a funny joke about the Monk who after many years as a Monk and much complaining.

Wayne. The first speaker, gave information about how large Pharmacy companies are getting away with high prices of drugs. So far there is little that those needing drugs can do about it.
Alyce gave a pathway Icebreaker. She related how moving to Santa Barbara presented new challenges and the benefits she gained from the experience.

The third speaker was Jon who gave a speech about the Entertainment.  It was about travel trips he took with a friend and the great memories derived from them.

Table Topics by Ron

People talked about some of their Legacy experiences.
Meeting Evaluators:

Norma gave feedback to Wayne for his speech about how the companies get away with overcharging.

Grace gave feedback to Alyce. Positive and thought-provoking.

Al gave Jon feedback and provided input.

Award master Taiwo give the following award results:

B Evaluator: Grace
Best Table Topics: Al
Best Speaker: Jon

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