June 23, 2009 Meeting Notes

The theme of the meeting was Graduation and Keith was the Toastmaster.

Greg provided the word of the day malentendu which nearly caused an uproar. Or certainly controversy.  Well it was at least interesting.

Ron gave our speaking tip on how to use lists to organize a speech without looking like you had notes.  Which in fact you did.

Our first speaker was Grace with “A week in the life of Grace” and it provided insight into Grace’s life as well as our own.

Carol spoke on her years a a student in Iran. An excellent cultural tour in 7 minutes.

Ron spoke on graduations including his own in a speech titled “No one ever asked…”

General evaluator was Greg with Pat evaluating Grace, Mary Jo evaluating Grace and Monica evaluating Ron.

Max was the Award Master.

Welcome guests were Max (Pat’s grandson) and former member Monica.


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