June 30, 2009 Meeting Notes

Grace was the Toastmaster and the them was Love and Marriage. The agendas were on Pepto Bismol pink paper. Interpret that.

Molly was our W.O.D.ah and gave us the word infatuation. Molly also took on the timer role.

Pat gave us opening words. And admitted to letting a novel tempt her.

Steve gave a short presentation on S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Mary-Jo gave speech number 3 on “Paying Attention.”  Funny and delightful.

Larry did an impromptu speech on the latest book he is reading.  The title?  So much for my brilliant note taking.

Keith was working on interpretive reading and read some of the best poems I have ever heard.

Evaluators were Ron, Greg and Sam.

Tabletopics Master, or maybe wizard is more like it, was Carol with superbly tailored questions that helped elicit some great answers.

Jennifer was the Award Master and brought a piece of wedding cake for the best speaker.  Perfect.

We had three guests. Steve and wife and husband team Ann and Zac.

This was our last meeting at the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce.


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