August 18, Meeting Notes

Crystal was our Toastmaster and her theme was Camping.

Pat provided our humor.

Timing by Sam

Word of the day and ah counting by Karen.  The word was bifurcate

Speaking Tip Grace

Speakers were Keith, Ron and Mary-Jo. Keith was one active speaker who was not afraid to use gestures, at one point lying on the floor to make a point. Ron brought in a pile of electronic toys to talk about and even remembered at times to talk about them. Mercifully he did not have to prove he knew how to make them actually work. Mary-Jo stole the night with her story describing the foaming underpants in Paris. Proving again that Americans value cleanliness.

General evaluator was Grace with Azim. Zac and Larry evaluating.

Ann was our Tabletopics Master and she carried out the camping theme and did not even spare her husband. Camping seems to be a theme that elicits many memories and marvelous stories. Crystal sang the frog song for us and that was a special treat.

Award master was Alan.

Closing words by Mark

Stephanie and Thia were guests

Azim. Mark and Karen became our newest members. Welcome.

We had 16 in attendance.


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