October 6, 2009 Meeting Notes

Zac was our (first time and congratulations) Toastmaster with the theme of Fall. (lots of links in this post).  Ann and Zac built some beautiful agendas.  Thanks.

Our Jokemaster was Thia with a perfect Pumpkin Patch joke.

Keith was our timer as well as word-of-the-day and ah-counter.  Harbinger was the word, which was missed by most of us including Keith.

Speaking tip was provided by Ann who reminded us of the importance of preparation.

Our first speaker was Alan who gave us a graceful presentation on Tai chi.  太极拳

Our second speaker was Karen speaking on obesity.

And Sam stepped in with an impromptu speech on National Forests and National Parks. Sam did not do his Smokey The Bear imitation. Maybe another time.

Our Tabletopics Master was Mary-Jo.

General Evaluator was Christine with her debut in this role.

Evaluators were Ron, Azim and Stephanie.

AwardMaster was Thia.

We had two guests, Lynn and Ting Ting visiting from Shanghai, the largest city in China. She shared some Chinese folklore with us about the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Also in attendance tonight were Carol, Crystal, Larry (Back from Kings Canyon ) and Pat (just back from La Réunion)


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