October 20, 2009 Meeting Notes

Comfort Foods was the theme brought to us by our Toastmaster Ann.

Ann also brought some delicious Cup Cakes and had a very artful agenda. Thank you Ann.

Azim delivered opening words and gave us an overview of benefits of the CFL light-bulb. By saving money on electricity, there could be more money for comfort foods.

Word of the day was brought to us by Thia and the word was concomitant.

Sam was our timer.

Keith shared with us a speaking tip – reminding us that with humor, stretching the truth was a trusted ally.

Our Jokemaster was Karen

Our first speaker was Mark who introduced us to the brief story of his life including an illustration showing his Golden Years (which in this example is not to be confused with retirement)

Our second speaker was Grace who dramatized a yoga injury and transformed the experience into a life lesson.  If we did not know it was a reenactment, we would have had to call for medivac.

And finally Larry gave us in miniature play that had several members of the audience helping to sell the story of Gorgonius. The person who Mount San Gorgonio was named for. Assisting Larry bring Gorgonius to life was Azim, Zac, Sam, Carol and Juan.

Our Tabletopics Master was Ron who challenged us with “Lightning Tabletopics” with less than one minute to give your responce.

Our General evaluator was Carol with Mary-Jo, Zac and Keith evaluating.

Pat was our AwardMaster.

Molly was also with us but had to leave early.

Juan was our guest also counted ahs.

We had 16 in attendance.


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