October 27, 2009 Meeting Notes

Grace was our Toastmaster and the theme was Scary Stuff

Juan gave us our opening words – ‘have no fear.”

Jokemaster was Larry – “top ten scary houses to avoid on Halloween.”

Sam gave us our word of the day – predilection.

Ah-counting by Carol.

Timing by Thia

Awardmaster was Ann

Speaking tip was offered by Mary-Jo – “watch the time, everyone has to help keep the meeting on schedule.”

Keith was our first speaker and he gave us an overview of GPS with a humorous idea to take it to the next level.

Pat was our second speaker who made us aware of the possible risks with genetically modified foods.

Ron was our third speaker and he recounted his stay at the Orlando Hilton. Disappointing in a nutshell – stay somewhere else.

Our Tabletopic Master was Christine with scary theme questions.

Our General Evaluator was Deborah with Thia, Azim and Mark evaluating.

The “Rooney” was delivered by Zac. Who transformed himself into Andy Rooney for one minute.

Karen offered closing words.

We had two guests, Sameer and Juan.  19 in attendance.


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