November 3, 2009 Meeting Notes

Our first meeting at St. Rafael.  We all paid homage to Sam for securing our new meeting room. It is excellent.

Christine was our Toastmaster and her theme was time.

Ann provided our word of the day insinuate which we did plenty of in the meeting.

Ron was our ah counter. There was a bounty.

Juan brought us our joke.

Timing by Zac.

Speaking tip by Thia

Our first speaker was Mark with a very humorous and insightful look at the Movie Biz.

Molly was our next speaker who made a powerful case that going to the Movies all by yourself was perfect.

Our third speaker was Carol who gave us an informative overview of bonds and the bond market.

Our Tabletopics Master was Debbie who brought some controversy to Tabletopics.  We all stayed civil. And Sam did win in an arm wrestling bout with Ron.

Larry was our General Evaluator with Stephanie, Mary-Jo and Karen evaluating.

Presenting the awards was Grace.

Mary-Jo gave us a “Rooney”

We had one guest, Michael.

18 in attendance.


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