February 2, 2010 Meeting Notes

Carol was our presiding officer.

Karen was our Toastmaster and her theme was “Movies

Zac gave us our opening words with advice to see movies, especially “chick flicks” to insure marital harmony.

Azim was our Ah-Counter and gave us serendipity as our word of the day.

Thia was our Jokemaster with the perfect dog/movie joke.

Debbie offered an educational on evaluation.

Grace gave us our speaking tip – how to give and receive awards.


Pat speech was on her favorite activists. She made a strong pitch for The Harmony Program.

Justin spoke about his favorite director James Cameron.

Crystal reminded us of the value of chiropractic.

Ron led a lightning round of Tabletopics introducing the “Respond-O-Meter”, the “Time-O-Meter” and the “Truth-O-Meter.”

General Evaluator was Thia with Keith, Ann and Karthik evaluating.

AwardMaster was Jim.

Shylu did the Rooney and it must have been darn good, she got a rare or maybe even unheard of  spontaneous standing ovation.

Lynn was our guest and she is now our newest member.

We had 17 in attendance.


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