June 8, 2010 Meeting Notes

Grace was our Presiding Officer

Paul gave us our opening words

Thia was our Toastmaster and her theme was Being a Grownup

Azim was our Jokemaster

Keith gave us our Speaking Tip

Grace was our Ah-Counter and Pat gave us our Word-Of-The-Day judgement

Zac was our Timer


Debbie – worked from an advanced manual and held a panel discussion on universal health care

Azim, Pat and Chuck were her panelists

Ann – spoke about music in her life and took us to some far away places

Karen was our Tabletopics Master

Sam was our General Evaluator with Keith, and Ron evaluating.

Grace did the “Rooney”

Lynn offered closing words

We had 14 in attendance

During the business meeting we elected new officers for July 1 through December 31 2010.

President Thia, VP Education Christine, VP Membership Carol, VP PR Ron, Treasurer Grace, Secretary Karen, Sergeant at Arms Sam.

Thank you to those who have served as officers and to those who will be our new executive team.


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