Invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmaster’s August 13, 2013 Meeting

The theme of this week’s meeting is “Oral Hygiene.” Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest (no need to RSVP, just show up). Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time (Meeting start time 5:50, please arrive 10 minutes early)
Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 8.32.09 AM
Toastmaster: Larry
Humor: Cindy
Word-of-the-day: Yolanda
Ah-counter: Christine
Speaking tip: Christine
Timer: Yolanda
Speakers: Wayne, Dave, Ron
Tabletopics Master: Guille
General Evaluator: Grace
Evaluators: Holly, Cindy, open
Awardmaster: Christine
Rooney: Grace
Back-up speaker: open

August 6 2013 Meeting Notes

The theme of the meeting was Breakfast  Lili was our Presiding Officer. We had 12 in attendance including Pat and guests Amy and Yolanda.  Welcome Dave our newest member. 

Toastmaster: Ron
Humor: Wayne
Word-of-the-day: Cindy  – ferver 
Ah-counter: Wayne
Speaking tip: Ron
Timer: Yolanda
  • Cindy gave us insights into body language.
  • Larry spoke on the value of being able to speak more than one language
  • Grace shared the benefits of participating in speech contests
Tabletopics Master: Christine
General Evaluator: Christine
Evaluators: Dave, Guille, Lili
Awardmaster: Yolanda
Rooney: Guille
Special thanks to Guille and Amy for being super-thematic

Club Secretary: Raven


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