Your Invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmaster’s March 11, 2014 Meeting

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.27.32 PM
The theme of the meeting is “Birth.”
Toastmaster: Larry
 Humor: Mary Jo
Word-of-the-day: Cindy
Ah-counter: Cindy
Speaking tip: Wayne
Timer: Mary Jo
Speakers:  Wayne, Christine, TBA
Tabletopics Master: Lili
General Evaluator: Mary Jo
Evaluators: Ron, Grace, Azim
Awardmaster: Cindy
Rooney: Yolanda
Back-up speaker: Open
March 4, 2014 Meeting Notes
The March 4 meeting was our International Competition; members gave inspiring speeches, vying to represent Mission Chapter at the Area International Conference being held in April.
Lili was our Presiding Officer, there were 8 members at the meeting. Now that the two contests are over, we encourage members and guests to come to the meetings.
We do need two volunteers to help out with the contest on Saturday, March 15th. Every club is asked to recruit 2 people (in addition to our contestants) to help out with roles such as judge, timer, counter, registration, etc. The contest is being held at the Citrix facility on Hollister Avenue.
Toastmaster – Christine
Contest Chair – Mary Jo
Counter – Grace
Timer – Azim
–       Azim – DYI (Do It Yourself) – an amusing story of Azim’s kitchen remodeling adventures.
–       Larry – Life Long Ablazing – a reminder to surround ourselves with people that support our passion.
–       Wayne Nervous? I May Have Good News! – even famous people struggle with nervousness!
–       Dave A Long Thin String Provides Us With Energy – explaining that SB gets its energy all the way from Santa Clarita over a single connection with no back-up source, making this a significant liability to everyone in SB.
–       Mary Jo – Going the Extra Mile – why we do it and how we do it! – RUNNER UP!
–       Lili – Something a Little Extra – doing something a little extra puts  smiles on the face of others – WINNER

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