Your Invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmaster’s March 18, 2014 Meeting

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 9.23.06 PM

The theme of the meeting is “Bowl of Cherries.”

Toastmaster: Ron
Humor: Wayne
Word-of-the-day: Open
Ah-counter: Yolanda
Speaking tip: Open
Timer: Open
Speakers:  Guille, Grace, TBA
Tabletopics Master: open
General Evaluator: Christine
Evaluators: Sol, Dave, Open
Awardmaster: Lili
Rooney: Yolanda
Back-up speaker: Open


March 11, 2014 Meeting Notes

The theme of the meeting was “Birth.” Lili was our Presiding Officer. There were 13 people at the meeting including guests Mary and Stephanie – who is now our newest member – welcome Stephanie!

Ron reminded us that dues are due – please get a check for $42 to him or Grace.

The Area 33 Tall Tales and International Contests for Areas 3, 4 and 6 are being held this Saturday at the Citrix facility at 7414 Hollister Avenue, Goleta CA. The contests begin at 8:30 a.m., contest details and location information can be found here – please come out and support Mission Chapter contestants Wayne and Lili!

Larry was Toastmaster for the evening, and shared some interesting stories behind his theme of “birth” for the meeting.

Cindy gave us the word of the day: fervent

Wayne’s speaking tip reminded us of the importance body language during a presentation.

Humor – Mary Jo shared some unfortunate, but amusing, phrasing from church newsletters.


–       Wayne gave his winning Tall Tales speech, “The Shark Attack That Didn’t Happen” again in preparation for his presentation at Saturday’s Area Tall Tales contest.  Good Luck Wayne!

–       Christine’s moving speech, “Circle of Life,” described how the death of her grandmother, on her grandmother’s 84th birthday, impacted their family.

–       Lili presented her winning International Competition speech, “Something a Little Extra,” in preparation for her presentation at Saturday’s Area International competition.  Good Luck Lili!

Guille did a terrific job coming up with great Tabletopics questions on short notice!

General Evaluator was Mary Jo

Evaluators were Ron and Amy

Cindy kept track of our use of um, uh, like, so, you know, and other grammatical abuses.

Ron monitored the times for speeches and tabletopics.

Dave’s Rooney described his aggravation with the commonly held theory about the relationship between birth order and personality traits. As the middle child, he should be the mediator and organizer – the rose between his two sibling “thorns”, but in reality he claims to be the opposite, a complete troublemaker. It should be noted that Dave is exceptionally talented at telling tall tales…

Awardmaster was Cindy

–       Our guest, Mary, won the Best TableTopics award for her interesting perspective on first names. Good job!


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