Your Invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters’ April 15, 2014 Meeting

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The theme of this week’s meeting is “Earth Day.” Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest (no need to RSVP, just show up). Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time 
Toastmaster: Mary Jo
Humor: Azim
Word-of-the-day: Dave
Ah-counter: Dave
Speaking tip: Wayne
Timer: Wayne
Speakers: Ron, Lili, Christine
Tabletopics Master: Guille
General Evaluator: Cindy
Evaluators: Azim, Larry, Grace
Awardmaster: Cristy
Rooney: Dave
Back-up speaker: Open
Mission Chapter’s 35th Anniversary will be celebrated on April 29th – we’ll invite some of our old members and have a special evening. 
April 8, 2014 Meeting Notes
The theme of the meeting was “This Day in History.” Lili was our Presiding Officer, there were 11 people at the meeting.
Toastmaster was Cindy
Word-of-the-day: Cristy gave us “idiosyncrasy” – a peculiar way in which a particular person behaves or thinks.
Humor: Larry amused us with a joke about an unfortunate miscommunication. 
Ah-counter: Cristy did a terrific job of tracking our use of filler words.
Speaking tip: Cindy noted that even the best laid plans can go awry and you just need to stay calm and deal with the situation as best you can. She gave an example of a recent web conference in which even her prior planning didn’t keep Murphy and his annoying law at bay.
Timer: Mary Jo
Stephanie gave her Ice Breaker speech, The Next Step. She told us about the challenges she faced after graduating from UCSB, dealing with life’s realities such as finding a job and learning to communicate effectively with co-workers. Great job Stephanie!!
Wayne’s speech, Quiet by Susan Cain, highlighted interesting points from the book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.” He described changes in our society, where “extroverts” seem to be more highly valued more than those people that are more introspective.
Grace’s speech, How to do Tabletopics, was a mini TableTopics workshop. Grace described important things for Tabletopic leaders to keep in mind, then asked club members to come up with some fun ideas for tabletopics. The speech was recorded to be used by members of a newly formed club that a Mission Chapter guest is starting in France.
Tabletopics Master: Christine
General Evaluator: Larry
Evaluators: Ron, Lili, Azim
Awardmaster: Mary Jo
Best Table Topics Award went to Lili for her story about her great Aunt, who lived in Munich, and how she would serve sausages and beer at lunchtime in the summer.
Ron received Best Evaluator award for his evaluation of Stephanie’s speech.
Stephanie received the Best Speaker award for her Ice Breaker speech, The Next Step.
Larry’s Rooney was something that we’ve all dealt with at some point – the challenge of getting a new PC that is loaded with a bunch of junk that you don’t need or want, and how impossible it can be to get rid of those programs!

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