Your Invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters’ January 20, 2015 Meeting

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This week’s theme is “Security.” Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest (no need to RSVP, just show up). Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time.
Toastmaster: Azim
Joke: Grace
Speaking Tip: Cindy
Speakers: Mary Jo, Sol, Ron
Table Topics: Christine
General Evaluator: Larry
Evaluators: Alyce, Lili, Liz
Word of the Day: Open
Ah Counter: Open
Timer: Cindy
Award Master: Wayne
Rooney: Fred
January 13, 2015 Meeting Notes
Toastmaster: Christine
For the Word of the Day, Fred gave us “enthusiasm.”
Mary Jo’s Speaking Tip advised us to use the “powerful pause” when speaking. Instead of using filler words such as and, um and so on, just pause and then try to use an action word to start the next thought. 
  • Lili‘s speech, “Plain Tourist in My Hometown” reminded us about the very interesting places here in Santa Barbara that we take for granted and forget to enjoy. After a visit by some friends was cut short, Lili decided to show them what they missed by visiting local landmarks taking some photos to send to them, and in the process learned a lot about our beautiful town.
  • In his speech, “Listening with Your Eyes,” Wayne related a story from Malcolm Gladwell’s book,“Blink,” about a woman’s efforts to overcome gender bias in the Munich Philharmonc Symphony. Abbie Conant was a trombonist, who, through an administrative error, was invited to audition for the Munich Philharmonic in 1980. Despite outstanding performances, she was consistently harassed and demoted, and eventually sued the Symphony for discrimination.  The suit resulted in elimination of the practice of erecting screens to hide musicians’ identities from judges during auditions, but did little to materially change discriminatory practices.
  • Grace‘s speech, “Peace in Paradise, or Would Be if We Had It!” described her distress at finding that not only did someone hack her email, but the hacker also managed to hijack her Twitter account. After much thought, Grace realized that we can’t allow hackers, thieves and other miscreants to destroy our “personal paradise.”  Grace concluded that we need to create a place of peace in our minds to keep the bad things and negativity in this world from really getting to us. If you have other ideas about dealing with life’s challenges, send an email (but not a tweet!!) to Grace.

Our Awardmaster was Kristina

  • The award for best Table Topics went to Fred who told us that if he had to eliminate one creature from this Earth, it would be the mosquito. Mosquitoes are so annoying, especially when they buzz in your ear at night!
  • Best Evaluator went to Liz for her colorful evaluation of Grace’s speech, in which Liz managed to work in the example of fly fishing as an analogy in her evaluation – very creative!!
  • Grace took the award for Best Speaker for her talk about where we need to look for peace, and paradise.

We had two Rooneys:

Holly described her realization that foods like granola that are promoted, and often perceived, as healthy really aren’t. If you read the labels, you’ll find that many, many foods are loaded with sugar or some type of sweetener although they often don’t need to be sweet. In her quest for natural tasting foods, Holly is going to try making her own granola, and promises to provide samples at a future club meeting!

Azim talked about a very frustrating start to his New Year’s resolution. Like so many of us, Azim vowed to exercise more in the new year, and he even kick-started the resolution by going for a run on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, he caught a chill and has been sick ever since.  So much for that resolution!! 

Mark your calendars! Below are some upcoming Toastmaster events:

Officer Training – Saturday, January 31, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am (Registration opens at 8:30). There is a $5 donation at registration. Training will beheld at the Citrix GoToCafé, 7414 Hollister Ave, Goleta 93117. Come early to get the good breakfast treats!

March 3 – Tall Tales Contest during Mission Chapter Meeting

March 10 – International Contest during Mission Chapter meeting

Saturday, March 21 – Area Contest – details will be sent closer to the event.


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