Your Invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters December 8th, 2015 Meeting

The theme for Mission Chapter’s 1,831st meeting will be “Parsimmons and other holiday fruit” Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest (no need to RSVP, just show up). Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time.
Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.29.59 PM
Toastmaster: Larry

Joke: Michael

Speaking Tip: Cindy

Speakers: Fred, Brett, Holly

Table Topics: Christine

General Evaluator: Alyce

Evaluators: Mary Jo, Hiba, Cindy

Word of the Day: Annie

Ah Counter: Open

Timer: Cedar

Awardmaster: Grace

Rooney: Natalie

December 1st, 2015 Meeting Notes
The theme of the meeting was “The Holidays”  Mary Jo was our Presiding Officer. We had 16 in attendance including guest, Hiba, and Marjorie
Toastmaster: Christine
Speaking Tip: Fred
Word of the Day: Cedar – Paragon: a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence.
Joke: Annie
Ah Counter: Cedar
Timer: Cindy                                                               
Wayne: told us to beware of medical scans such as MRI and Ultrasounds, because what looks like a problem is probably not what’s causing the pain you’re feeling.
Larry: Told us about the Climate Justice meeting coming up and how climate change is going to affect the poor the most and why we need to find a solution to protect them.
Grace: celebrated her 17-year anniversary by telling about some of her experiences and to always try and improve but not to be a perfectionist.
Table Topics: Alyce
General Evaluator: Ron
Mary Jo evaluated Wayne
Michael evaluated Larry
Natalie evaluated Grace
Awardmaster: Brett
   Best Table topics – Hiba
   Best Evaluator – Natalie
   Best Speaker – Grace
Rooney: Holly

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