Your Invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters May 24th, 2016 Meeting

The theme for Mission Chapter’s 1,853st meeting will be “Pets” Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest (no need to RSVP, just show up). Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 2.28.03 PM

Toastmaster: Marjorie

Joke: Open

Speaking Tip: Alyce

Speakers: Azim, Christine, Fred

Table Topics: Ritesh

General Evaluator: Robert

Evaluators: Jon, Jen, Wayne

Word of the Day: Erike

Ah Counter: Cedar

Timer: Annie

Awardmaster: Cindy

Rooney: Larry

May 17rd, 2016 Meeting Notes The theme of the meeting was “Courage”. Mary Jo was the presiding officer, there were 16 people at the meeting.

Toastmaster: Michael

Joke: Wayne

Speaking Tip: Ritesh – use pauses though out your speech to give what you said time to sink in.

Word of the Day: Cedar – Muster: to gather or bring together


Mary-Jo – told a humorous story about how she loved skiing until snowboarders took the fun out of it

Jen – told us how she might have gotten in over her head when she volunteered to run a half marathon. She also told us about common running injuries and gave us some suggestions to avoid them.

 Hiba – gave a great impromptu speech on why when we are told a story with facts we should figure out a way to check the facts before we pass them on. With the Internet there’s a lot of misinformation out there

Table Topics: Christine

General Evaluator: Larry


      Annie evaluated Mary Jo

     Ritesh evaluated Jen

       Azim evaluated  Hiba

Ah Counter: Robert

Timer: Ron

Awardmaster: Julia

         Best Speaker: Jen

         Best Evaluator: Annie

        Best Table Topic: Wayne

 Rooney: Jon



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