Your invitation to Mission Chapter Toastmasters meeting for August 15, 2017

Mission Chapter’s 1,914th meeting will have a special program: An Evening of Humor and Mirth

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Bring a guest, or here is your invitation to come as a guest (no need to RSVP, just show up).
Guests can invite guests too. Here is the link for location and time.

Bring your comedy!  Come prepared to have fun!

Instead of our regular meeting agenda, as many as want to give humorous speeches can do so.  Speeches are 5 to 7 minutes.  

Speakers can sign up at the meeting.  You can also enjoy — or groan at — all of the jokes.

We will return to our regular meeting format on August 22, 2017.

August 8, 2017 Meeting Notes

The theme of the meeting was “Dreams.”  There were 19 people at the meeting.  We welcomed our returning guests, We had a new guest Michelle, and a returning guest Tim.  We welcomed Taiwo  as a new member.

Toastmaster: Jon


Taylor told us about his experiences teaching skiing to adults, and his attempts to stop a run-away novice student skiier, who froze at her predicament and was too scared to stop.  He used that picture as a metaphor for us dealing with mistakes.
Julia provided basic information from Chinese medicine about our energy anatomy, and the seven  basic chakras.  She spoke about what activities, emotions and thoughts these chakras affect, and what happens when they work well — and don’t.
Liz gave a report on two books that she has read, The Five Languages of Love  and The Queen’s Code.  Focusing on the latter, Liz told us that the author advocates that women avoid treating men like inferior women and instead deal with them in a way more in keeping with how men see themselves and act.
Best Speaker: Taylor
Best evaluation:  Grace
Best Table Topics:  Norma

The word of the day was “debunk.”


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