“Participating in Toastmasters enabled me to move out of my comfort zone by speaking to varied sizes of audiences, participating in speech contests as competitor and judge; and function in officer capacities. TM is truly helpful in learning to “speak on your feet” with skill and grace, while being exposed to a multitude of topics and people you would otherwise have never encountered.  It is truly a life-enriching experience!” ~ JJ

“Belonging to Toastmaster’s has given me the tools to over come my fear of speaking in front of people, and Mission Chapter members are respectful, supportive and friendly.” ~ LC

“Joining a Toastmasters group had been on my ‘Life List’ for several years before I finally took the plunge. While it’s still a little nerve-wracking getting up to speak 6 months later, my confidence and performance have definitely increased. Club members are positive, encouraging, funny and smart, which makes it enticing to come back week after week.” ~ AE

” Many years ago, when I was asked to make a presentation in front of 75 people, I considered an alternative, death the easy route. Instead I joined Mission Chapter Toastmasters to overcome the fear. And I stayed to get better. Not unlike going to the gym, the practice helps to keep me at my best. I wish I had joined 15 years sooner.” ~RG


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